We all love our favorite handloom products ! Be it the luminous silk or the feather-light cotton, every handloom product is exceptional. It is the creativity of every skilled craftsman that is imbued in every handloom saree. It is undeniably true that every finely-crafted handloom piece always wins the creative battle over the machine-made. Although, we know they cost a little higher than the other machine-made products. But that is because of the time and skill that goes in weaving a product and the amount of hard work and effort of the craftsman.

Time, Efforts And Labor

The time that goes to weave a complete product goes from 20 days to up to 2 months depending on the pattern. Moreover, the skill of weaving is safeguarded and is passed down generations. It is painstakingly done by hand and isn’t a fast-paced job. One wrong wrapping technique and the whole design could get ruined!

Naturally Obtained Material

Most of the handloom products are made with naturally produced and procured raw materials and dyes. They are not only environmentally friendly but also are skin-friendly through the hot climate or summer days. As the natural raw materials are chemical-free and toxin-free, they do not have a bad effect on your skin when you sweat. Procuring and processing the raw material again takes a lot of effort and time.

Durability And Uniqueness

The best part about handloom products is that they are durable and sustain a long time as they are made from the natural fibers. With naturally procured raw materials, these handloom products sustain through decades. Also, handloom sarees are now back in trend! In fact, many designers now are turning back to the roots and prefer opting for handloom pieces for their collections. It is for sure that the uniqueness of a handloom piece is rare and beautiful.

With all that said, even if these products are expensive, they are one of a kind. With artisans pouring their hard work, time, and effort to weave a product is worth appreciating! There is a high probability that you won’t find two exact products and that’s the beauty of a unique handloom product. So next time you pick a handloom product, know that some artist has poured a lot of efforts to weave it.