Fine Organic Muslin Saree handwoven by the artisans from West Bengal. This muslin Jamdani is of a 6.5-meter long fabric having a width of 46 inches. You can drape this fabric as a saree or you may hire a tailor and make dresses out of it.
Why is it called organic fabric ?
Made of High count Cotton yarn. No artificial dyes are used for this fabric. We have used Marigold Petals as the dyeing material. Marigold is one of the most neglected natural dyeing materials in world textile, hence we have chosen it as our dye. More than that Marigold in muslin is going to be one of the most unique textiles under the sun.
So it’s an opportunity for you to get the rarest of the rare handcrafted textiles which you will not get to purchase from any markets worldwide.
The yarn count of this Muslin fabric is 250. Usually, the yarn count of handloom products will be between 60-100. Now only a handful of talented and experienced weavers families in Bengal can weave this masterpiece with this much precision.
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