Brand DMZ International , which is part of the Import/Export Company, ” Nishani Online Services ” works with hundreds of Weavers & Artisans in India to bring you the best in Traditional wear including Kasavu Sarees, Dhotis, Mundu, Set Mundu (Mundum Neriyathum), Color Mundus. Also, Brass, Bell Metals sculptures & wooden sculptures.


If you are planning to buy a saree, a dhoti, or any traditional wear, we request you to shop from DMZ International Store on Amazon. By purchasing a product from DMZ International you are motivating our weavers to keep creating masterpieces, support their livelihood, and also keep small businesses like DMZ International running. Also, you are helping to keep an exquisite Indian tradition alive.

Protecting an age-old Craft !

Chendamangalam is famous throughout the world for one thing, the centuries long heritage of handloom industry. GI Certified Chendamangalam Handlooms started hundreds of years before in ‘Paliam Palace’. The family who represented the prime minister position for years under the king of kochi. At present, all handloom apparel manufacturing processes are mechanized, but still Chendamangalam weavers follow the traditional hand-woven mechanism. So Chendamangalam Handlooms are still famous for its versatile hand-woven cotton textiles globally !

DMZ International also has talented handicraft artisans creating wooden, striking Brass, Bell Metal, and other metals, handmade Handicrafts. All are from GI-certified places which are famous, especially for their unique handmade crafts.

How Corona Virus Pandemic is affecting these weavers & artisans.

The unprecedented Corona Virus pandemic and the Lockdown that followed has put hundreds of Handloom Weavers and Handicraft Artisans across India out of work. We request you all to be part of DMZ International’s quest to empower our weavers & artisans by shopping traditional GI Certified products and support us by purchasing from our Store in Amazon.

Please read all details carefully before making your purchase from Amazon.

Please ensure you purchase from the Authorized Online Seller of these products “DMZ International” as we are the only Authorized Online Seller for Chendamangalam Kaithari Products in Amazon. DMZ International Support and Warranty is applicable only if you purchase from DMZ International store in Amazon. Original DMZ International branded products comes in DMZ International branded Box Packing. Beware of duplicate products being sold at lower prices.

The real handmade khadi products or any handmade GI certified cothing products, which “DMZ International” promotes and sells are made of 100% natural cotton and is handmade, so it is a little costly compared to the other products available in the market as they are made of synthetic materials and Polyester mix. Another main reason being Khadi & and other handmade products to be expensive is because it demands time, labor, and years of expertise of spinners & weavers.

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